Information for Guests

What Should I Wear?

God welcomes all to worship on Sunday mornings and our family of faith extends the same welcome. We dress to honor and respect God’s creation and that takes many forms from dresses, jackets and ties to jeans, polo shirts and boots. Please wear what you feel is comfortable and honors the time together to worship God at Good Shepherd.

Will I Have to Announce Myself?

We will never ask you to announce yourself

NEVER. It is true that some congregations will make you stand up and identify yourself during the worship service. Good Shepherd is not one of these congregations! Our greeters and ushers will greet you when you arrive. If needed, we even have a valet to park your car. We have “Welcome Bags” with a wide variety of information about Good Shepherd. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to make Good Shepherd your family of faith.

Are Children Welcome in Worship?

We are thankful that parents bring their children to worship and we believe that it is important to train children in the practice of worship! Children are invited to come forward for the children’s sermon, to use one of the “Quiet Bags” in the Narthex (entry area to our worship space) and to come forward for a blessing at communion. In addition, if your older child needs a “stroll” during worship, there are bulletin boards and posters on the walls of the entrance area and fellowship hall. There is also a lounge off the hall to the Fellowship Hall.

Children are welcome to sit with their families

How we celebrate communion

At Good Shepherd the Sacrament of Holy Communion is offered weekly.

All who are baptized and trust and believe in the words of Our Lord This is my Body; this in my Blood are invited to receive Holy Communion. This gift is itself the real presence of God’s forgiveness and mercy. Our table does not belong to the members of Good Shepherd or the Lutheran Church, but to God’s family. After the sermon and offering, ushers will indicate when it is your row’s turn to come forward for the Sacrament, if you choose to participate.

On the first Sunday of the month we commune at the altar rail. The ushers will direct you to come forward by and to kneel (if you wish) at the altar rail. After all have communed, a worship leader will say “Go in peace” and you will return to your seat via the side aisle. On all other Sundays of the month we commune by “station.” The ushers will direct you to come forward by the center aisle. At the front of the church you will receive the bread and wine. More specifically, the pastor will hand you the bread/wafer and say “The body of Christ, given for you.” You may respond with “Amen.” After which you will be offered the wine (or white grape juice). Gluten-free wafers are available. Please notify the pastor prior to the service of your need. If you would like to partake in communion but are unable to walk to the front, please notify an usher, and communion will be shared with you at your seat.